All About Marriage Certificate
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Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificates are considered to be official statements of two people’s marriage to one another. In majority of jurisdictions, government officials can issue the marriage certificate only after the matrimony’s civil registration.

In a few jurisdictions, in America specially, a marriage certificate is considered as an official record that a couple has undertaken a wedding ceremony. This also includes jurisdictions where there is no existence of marriage licenses. In a few other jurisdictions, marriage licenses serve the dual purpose of a permit being granted for a wedding to happen and later endorsing that same document for registering the fact that the wedding has taken place.

Marriage certificates can be needed for various reasons. It can be needed as evidence for the change of a particular party’s name, for issues related to resolving and proving the legitimacy of children, all through the divorce proceedings, or it can also be a part of an individual’s genealogical history, among other purposes.

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